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Top 8 Qualities of an Entrepreneur


Qualities of an entrepreneur
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Entrepreneur qualities


To be an entrepreneur can be enticing, thus starting out on a journey of entrepreneurship may be thrilling, however, can also be challenging and demanding, it’s the bitter truth.

Being your own boss is a difficult task; therefore, in order to be a competent entrepreneur and thus create a successful business or services, you must develop and acquire a wide range of quality skills.


In this article, our team of experts have been able to pen down the top 8 qualities you must possess to be a successful entrepreneur. But before then, let’s get to know who an entrepreneur is. 


Who is an entrepreneur? 

An entrepreneur is someone who brings into existence his business ideas and propositions. 

To further explain this, an individual who starts a new firm, taking on the majority of the risks and reaping the majority of the gains, is known as an entrepreneur. 


Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting a business. The entrepreneur is frequently viewed as an innovator, a source of fresh concepts for products, services, businesses, and operational methods(Investopedia). 


Top 8 qualities of an entrepreneur 


Critical thinking 

Critical thinking is undoubtedly one of the most important entrepreneurial skills because transformations of all kinds are happening all the time.

You can objectively analyze and group pertinent information using this skill. Another name for it is “thinking outside the box.”

Entrepreneurs who are successful are those who think outside the box and are skilled at spotting opportunities and values where others have given up.

They merely begin their journey where others have ceased to think and create. Anyone can start a business, but a successful entrepreneur has the ability to change the cards on the table and create something from nothing.

This ability, which is directly related to the capacity to solve problems, serves as the foundation for innovation. It can assist you in overcoming challenges and achieving your goals when it is properly developed and applied to your business.


Excellent communication skills

Your entry into the business world will involve a significant amount of communication and interaction with a large number of people. Your ability to communicate effectively with your stakeholders—suppliers, clients, or staff—is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur.

An effective ability to communicate results in a positive relationship and perception with your stakeholders. The project will probably fail sooner or later if your company or business does not have positive interactions with its stakeholders or a positive reputation.

Be aware that listening skills are a part of communication skills. You will be better able to express your thoughts and ideas to each stakeholder if you can listen to others more.


Adaptability and solving complex issues 


The ability to adapt is more crucial than ever in a world that is constantly changing. As an entrepreneur, you must be able to recognize sudden changes as well as anticipate them. You must also act quickly and provide viable solutions to problems.

Take for example during the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses shut down, and many are still trying to get back to their feet just because they could not swiftly change or adapt to the lock down rules.

You should also know that, it was even during this pandemic most business thrived better just because they could tweak, adapt and change some of their approach to their business.

Taking the COVID-19 pandemic into consideration once again, many business move from their traditional way of doing business to digital business.

An instance is online teaching, seminars (which have seriously reduced cost of transportations for staffs, business colleagues, etc), online payment methods, etc. 


With these, many businesses were able to stabilize their business in the short term as quick as possible, and prosper in the long term thanks to their quick reaction to external changes.


Additionally, businesses will continue to struggle if they don’t adopt the new technologies, formats, and tweaks that the market demands, day in day out. 

Also, many businesses moved swiftly from the traditional business strategy to Digital business

Therefore, acquiring and honing adaptable skills can aid in overcoming obstacles, advancing, and thriving despite all difficulties.


Good leadership skills 

Managing a business is not just about monitoring sales and profits, but rather leading a diverse and skilled team of collaborators and employees to make the most of its capabilities. 


True entrepreneurs possess uncommon leadership qualities and know that a leader set good examples. They find motivation in themselves and act as sources of motivation and inspiration for others.

Only in this way can you will successfully guide your team of employees through projects and challenges.

Without forgetting that empathy, passion and the desire to continue learning are some of the qualities that every entrepreneur should possess to become a team driver.

Time conscious 

Time they say, is not on anyone’s side. And as an an entrepreneur, particularly when you are just starting out, must be able to perform numerous tasks under stipulated or estimated time. In order for your budiness to boom, so many actions or steps need to be taken, ranging from marketing strategies, stocking, business promotions, 

As a result, as an entrepreneur, especially if you’re just getting started, you need to know how to organize your time every day and prioritize the most important tasks.


Risk Management 

The ability to take calculated risks is one of many qualities that contribute to the management and growth of a successful business.


When considering a new investment or evaluating a loan, as an entrepreneur, you must be able to determine whether the decision will result in a positive change or a potential loss for your company.


In fact one of the standouts reason Amazon is where it is today is about the risk he took when started out his Amazon Business Journey

They were at a time it was almost shut down, but die to his strong instincts, he was able to take up risks, which in turn was the tuning point in his career. 

Marketing strategies 

Successful entrepreneurs can attest to the importance of sales skills. If you sell physical products, you must understand how to sell them. The same is true if you run a digital business. 


If a customer is unsure whether your product is right for them, you must be able to persuade them to buy it.


A good salesperson understands when and where soft and hard selling can be used in their business. Furthermore, having sales skills implies that you have a clear and distinct value proposition to differentiate yourself from competitors.


Because every business competes for the attention of customers and buyers, one entrepreneurial skill you will need to learn is how to stand out in a competitive environment.


An entrepreneur must have strong negotiation skills in order to reach agreements.


When you start a business, you will encounter a variety of situations involving suppliers, customers, employees, partners, and so on. There will be times when you must compromise and give in order to receive what you require at other times.

That is why being fair and knowing when to be more or less flexible will be critical to your company’s future success.


The goal of negotiation is for the interested parties to benefit from each other. A good negotiation can bring in better employees, income, sponsors, work, responsibilities, and so on.


Finance Management 

Running a business requires having financial management skills, such as budgeting and financial statement analysis.


An entrepreneur should at the very least be able to create and adhere to a reasonable budget.


An entrepreneur can avoid overspending and properly allocate company resources by learning these crucial financial skills.


Understanding how to create and read financial statements, such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, is also crucial. These documents help an entrepreneur track performance, forecast the future, and manage expenses in addition to being required for reporting and tax purposes. 



As much as being an entrepreneur can be challenging, what makes it pay off is the ability to maneuver through the storms it comes with. 

And to be able scale through entrepreneurship journey, the skills you need are the ones being discussed above. 


Start small, and watch yourself grow. 


Pamilerin Ajala

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