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How to start selling on Jumia

Selling on Jumia remains one of the best and easiest methods of selling physical products. Let’s get to know Jumia market store. Read along

Jumia is an E-commerce or online store where you can sell and buy products of various types.

To sell on Jumia entails providing a diverse range of products for sale to customers who visit Jumia’s e-commerce platform.

Before sellers’ product lists are up for sale, Jumia’s regulatory team reviews them if they comply with their terms and conditions.

As said above, various categories, such as fashion, electronics, home & living, health & beauty, books, mobile phones, and so on, are available on the platform.

In one of their recent publications, Jumia gave in-depth statistics of their daily sales, customers and patronage all over the country. They boasted of over 1M sales of products.

This is to show you how profitable it is to sell on their platform and how easy it is for buyers to get their desired products.

However, in order to make the most of Jumia sales, there are Terms and Conditions of which you have to adhere strictly to. This article is going to walk you through the process steps and procedures to follow to start selling on Jumia.


How to start selling on Jumia

Follow the steps below to begin your Jumia selling process

  • Register on Jumia market store and fill appropriately and accurately your information details
  • Activate your Account selling center by verifying the email you provided while filling out the forms in step 1 above.
  • In your email, you’d be redirected to their Jumia selling center, activate it with the code sent to your mail.
  • You will be scheduled for training, as a first timer
  • After training, you will then start uploading your products on the selling portal.


What is Jumia selling center?

Jumia selling center  is your market store, a portal that gives you an overview of your store. From this portal, you can do various management of your business, like product sales, product reviews, sales made, tracking of your products, etc.


How to list products on Jumia


The first step to getting prospective buyers is getting your products uploaded on the Jumia store. There are several categories of products on the Jumia store ranging from mobile phones, electronics, skin care, dresses, etc.

Know under which category your product falls into. Knowing this is one of the first things to do before listing your products.

Jumia product validation team will assess your products and validate them, if you comply with the rules and regulations, your products will be accepted and go live within 24-48 hours of upload.



How to Process/Cancel an order


One of the key factors to enjoy massive sales on Jumia is understanding when and how to process or cancel an order.

To process an order means when a customer wants to buy from you or has already ordered for your product, you have to do everything possible as fast as you can to process shipping of the selected products to your buyer.

Or when the buyer decides to cancel his order, you have to be fast to stop the canceled order from being shipped.


How do you Process/Cancel an order?

Follow the steps below :

  • Log on to your seller center account from time to time through here
  • Check to see if you have new order(you may also be notified through email too)
  • If there is a pending order, package your products/order and make them available for delivery. If you don’t know how to package your products ready for delivery, read here.
  • To cancel an order, do the same and cancel the pending order.

Note: you cancel an order if you’ve already run out of stock of the said products ordered by your customer.


How to ready your order for delivery

After your customer has successfully made an order of your products, your next step is to prepare such products for packaging and delivery.

So, how do you package your products for delivery?

There are just two certain ways to package your product for delivery, which we’d be detailing with you using n this article.

The ways are as follows :

  • Subscribe to Jumia Express service: this is the easiest and safest method of delivering your orders to your customers. After a successful order, take your products to Jumia and let them do the packaging and delivery for you. What this means is that they take care of everything for you ranging from managing and packaging orders from their end and delivering the product to your customers.


  • Take your orders to Jumia VDO. Jumia VDO refers to Vendors Drop Off stations or locations. These VDO stations are located all over the parts of the country. All you have to do is locate the one nearest to you and drop your package for them and let them deliver the package for you. This means you are taking full responsibility and custody of your package and all Jumia needs to do is just deliver your package.


How to receive payment for your sales on Jumia

You can receive payment for your orders automatically and directly. While filling out the necessary details while registering for your seller account, your bank details will be input and verified.

It is this bank account that will receive all your payments from successful orders.

You will get notified whenever Jumia drops money into your account through your mail.



What is the cost of selling on Jumia?

Apart from the money you spent on your data subscription, selling on Jumia is absolutely free. No hidden charges are needed to start selling on Jumia.



As a Digital Marketer   , one of the things that must constantly come to mind is making businesses easier and available over the internet. And selling on Jumia is one step to sell on the internet.

As we’ve carefully discussed above, selling on Jumia is very easy, provided all steps are carefully taken. You do not need any fees, or charges to be able to sell on Jumia provided you have your products ready.

So, get at it and start selling your products on Jumia.



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