How to make money with Facebook Reels
Facebook Reels

How to make money with Facebook Reels

The new Facebook parent company Meta has decided to invest big in Facebook Reels to help improve and encourage their users. Meta has added to the list of ways you can earn with Facebook through Reels, that can be likened to rival social media TikTok video feature. 


Reels can be monetized in such a way that Ads are embedded in the short videos one makes on Facebook. Eligible content creators can now embed ads in their Reels or take on monetized challenges to earn money, and viewers have the new option to tip their favorite artists on the app.


What are Facebook Reels? 


Facebook Reels are short videos that are 60 seconds in length or less, that users can enhance with special effects and music. Reels are similar to TikTok posts in both form (short-form videos) and content (trendy, amusing, and driven by sound bites). (Backstage) 


According to Meta, the Reel presently is the “fastest-growing content format” on Facebook; as statistics show that users spend half their time on Facebook and Instagram watching videos,( especially short videos). Facebook Reels has gained ground that it has recently expanded to more than 150 countries.


How to make money with Facebook Reels? 

This article is targeted at ways through which one can make money with Facebook Reels. According to Facebook, there are various ways you can make money with your Reels once you are eligible. 

Below are the following ways you can make money with Facebook Reels. 


  • Ads
  • Stars
  • Reels bonus program 
  • Promote brands



Content creators with more than 10,000 followers, at least five videos, and 600,000 minutes of viewership in the past 60 days are eligible to embed ads in their Reels. These new advertising options are currently available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and 50 other countries. According to TechCrunch, the revenue for overlay ads will be split: 55% to content creators and 45% to Facebook. 


Prior to the announcement, content creators on the site could only include ads in their Facebook videos. The new Facebook Reels overlay ads allow users to place marketing bumpers directly on top of their Reels, like stickers. Banner ads, a semi-transparent overlay at the bottom of a Reel, and sticker ads will be available; the latter can be placed anywhere on the Reel. 



Meta also announced that it will soon allow viewers to send stars to a content creator while watching their Reels. For every star received, the creator gets one cent from Meta.


Reels bonus program

Since its launching, Meta has looked for  numerous ways for creators to monetize their projects, including the Reels Play bonus program. The Reels bonus program is a program that pays a “bonus” to anyone whose Reels get at least 1,000 views over a 30-day period. The Reels Play bonus program pays creators up to $35,000 per month, but it’s an invite-only feature. 


Promote brands 

As a professional and competent content creator, you should be able to maximize the reels resources made available.


Research shows that people only take interest in a video by viewing just the first 10-15 secs of a video. So, find a captivating way you make your reels to promote brands and even market products with relatable videos just as you do with written contents. 

How to create Facebook Reels

As said earlier, Facebook Reels are short, about 60secs videos. To create Reels is as similar to posting normal contents, posts or pics on Facebook. 


Follow the steps below:

  • Open Facebook.
  • Hit the create button from the Reels section of your feed, or the camera icon in the top right corner if you’re viewing a Reel.


Facebook Reels
Facebook Reels


  • Tap “Record for New Video” or the gallery icon in the bottom left corner to add video clips to the Reel.
  • Add sound effects, text, or other creative tools to your Reel.
  • Tap “Next” and write a Reel description.
  • Choose an audience for the Reel.(it’s automatically set to public though) 
  • Tap “Share Reel.”


Once shared, you can find your Reels on your normal Facebook profile or head to Reels profile. To improve users and Reels functionality, Meta also announced that users will be able to share Reels in Facebook Stories and add Reels to the top of users’ feeds.


However, your reels must comply with the company’s rules and regulations. Click here to check their rules and regulations on reels uploads. 


How to get your Reels visible to larger audience 

There are about few tricks or ways you can make your Reels visible to a larger quotient of audice or make your reels discoverable by multitudes.

Here are few hacks you can try to make your reels discoverable. 


  • Engagements 
  • Relatabity 
  • Inspirational/Motivational 
  • Intriguity 



One of the few ways that gets you visibility is the ability to give viewers or users what they really want to do, know or engage on. 

Check out your audience and find out and out what they likey have ideas on. 

Is it about the latest mobiles? Computers, or cars? 

Share contents that audience can express themselves on and watch your reels gets discoverable in no time. 



Sharing Reels on the latest trends, common happenings in the world, or contests that audience have an idea of. 



  1. As said earlier, viewers decide whether to watch your videos until the end in the first 10-15 secs of a video. This means that your reels must be captivating that views are thrilled to watch till the end. 



Share Reels that encourage, inspire or motivate people on certain feelings or across all spheres of life. 



Meta is embarking on a journey that help and encourage users to always make use of Facebook. This is coming after a sizeable amount of their users migrated to other social media rivals. 

The Meta company has vowed to continue to improve on their monetization programs and will continue to pay their users to maximize the full potential of the company. 

Facebook Reels added to the numerous ways on how you can make money on social media

Start your journey of making money with Facebook Reels. 

Pamilerin Ajala

Pamilerin Adetunji Ajala is a competent content writer with vast knowledge in content management, web development and graphics design. He studied Computer Engineering at Federal Polytechnic, Ede.