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How to earn money on Tiktok

Introduction to Tiktok


Tiktok is one of the most popular social media platforms presently. It was established in September 2016,by a Chinese Technology company, ByteDance(Investopedia.) 


With over 2 billion downloads(putting Playstore and Apple Store into context), it remains one of the most sought after social media platforms. You can download on Playstore for Android users and Apple store for IOS users. 

How does Tiktok work?

TikTok is a social media app where users create and watch short-form videos. The duration of the videos ranges from a few seconds to close to a minute.

These videos cut across all spheres of life, education, entertainment, sports, etc. 

Public Figures, sports Authorities, etc have all found their footing on Tiktok and have all made significant presence in the Tiktok platform. 


How to earn on Tiktok 

As a new TikToker who just started off, and still struggling with getting followers or doesn’t have up to 1k followers, or an already established Tiktoker with over thousands of followers, there are several ways you can make money off your Tiktok platform. 


This article will walk you through the ways you can actually make money on Tiktok, read along.

But before then, let’s take a quick glance on how to make money on Tiktok 

  • Joining a live session as a guest
  • Go live yourself 
  • Through video gift
  • Live subscription 
  • Creator Shop /Fund

Joining a live session as a guest

One of most interesting things about Tiktok is that you don’t to amass so much followers like other social media platforms, to make money from it. 

But then, how do you make money by joining a live session? 

When you are invited for a live session on Tiktok, you could decide to charge your host depending on the time frame of the live session. 

You can also earn money from a live host using the Treasure Box. The Treasure Box is a box where hosts buy coins and place them so that people with few followers, such as yourself, can join the live and earn money. The treasure box will be filled with coins of various denominations.

Go live yourself 

Another way to make money on Tiktok is by going live by yourself. This option is unlocked and accessible when you have up to 1k followers or more, you can go live on your own. 

A lot of people will join your live sessions  and the gifters you followed, will come to gift you.


While growing your account, if you have up to 10k followers a certain TikTok feature will be unblocked, it’s called the Video gift.


The feature allowe people who watch your videos, to gift you through the Video gift feature.


Now, you will have access to making money on your live stream and also through the video gift.

Live subscription 

The most amazing of all, if you’re always LIVE often, another means you can make money from TikTok will be unlocked and made accessible to you. 


It’s called The live subscription, this feature allows you to charge your community and followers for watching your live stream. It’s more or less similar to subscriptions on Netflix to watch a movie.


The subscription is monthly, and it ranges from 7$ and above.


Imagine if someone decides to be subscribing for your live session every month, this implies that, every month a certain 7$ will be paid to your account.

Creator Fund / Shop

Another way a Tiktoker makes money is through a special feature called Creator Fund.

The feature is only allowed in 7 countries of the world and none African countries are included, for now.


Another way to make money on TikTok is through a feature called Creator Shop.


This feature enables you to collaborate or partner with brands, just like practicing Dropshipping  and Affiliate marketing 


Where you get a product, advertise the price, and then make a percentage cut on the sales you make for the brands. 

The above are proven ways to make money off Tiktok social media platform. And the most interesting thing about this is that one account can actually have these features unlocked and accessible.


Now let me remind you that if you are new to Tiktok, you need to have a niche and grow your account. By having a niche, we mean your area of expertise or concentration. 

By growing your account, we mean by constantly uploading contents. Post more on interesting, informative and hot and relevant or popular happenings around the world, that revolve around your niche. 


Tiktok has gained the interest of the people, and they make it easy to make money off them. 

Open your Tiktok account today and start making money from TikTok, no matter how little, considering you still have few followers. 

The above ways are proven and are easy to come by on your Tiktok handle. 


Pamilerin Ajala

Pamilerin Adetunji Ajala is a competent content writer with vast knowledge in content management, web development and graphics design. He studied Computer Engineering at Federal Polytechnic, Ede.