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How Do You Make Money On YouTube With or Without AdSense? 16 Top Guides For You

Tons of questions keeps coming up; how do you make money on youtube?, how do you make money on youtube as a content creator?, how do you make money on youtube promoting other people business?, how do you make money on youtube with adsense?, how do you make money on youtube coaching?, how do you make money on youtube through sponsors?,how do you make money on youtube affiliating?, how do you make money on youtube, is it difficult?

well, This step-by-step guide will surely answer the question “How do you make money on YouTube?”. It’s way easier than before.

Please note: we will keep updating this post. It has not ended so stay tuned

YouTube now has a lot of visitors and a lot of people go to becoming YouTube content creators. Don’t be scared!, you can still make money from YouTube and with this guide, we will leverage the system that will fetch you money and not what you are “passionate about”.

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how do you make money on youtube with this statistics
YouTube statistics you should know

The latest YouTube statistics shock you! let’s see

  1. 720,000 Hours of Video Uploaded to YouTube Daily
  2. It Is The Most Popular Channel Among US Digital Video Viewers
  3. YouTube has 2.3 billion monthly active users
  4. YouTube is ranked the second most popular social network
  5. The second most popular search engine after Google
  6. It is available and can be accessed in 80 different languages
  7. 1 billion hours of view is given to youtube daily
  8. YouTube is available in more than 100 countries
  9. About 62% of businesses get their customers from youtube advert.
  10. 70% of YouTube users prefer mobile to desktop
  11. Over 90% of people confirms that new products and brands are discovered on YouTube

Do you find this fascinating? I would say that new businesses that crawls YouTube presence, makes over $1,000 monthly.

Let’s move straight to the guide on how you can make money on YouTube

How do you make money on YouTube?

Making money from youtube seams to be a hard task but it certainly not the case. Seriously if you ask me “how do you make money on youtube?” I will rather say that vlogging requires your time and commitment. Tell me what on earth doesn’t require time?

Uploading videos, gathering viewers, making money, BOOM!! you are making money. That’s easy right! You have to do something to get there. Just follow slowly because you will enjoy the juice at the tail end.

1# Become a YouTube Partner

YouTube Partner Program helps you to get access to special features on the platform depending on how regular you are on the platform.

You can set up google ads on your youtube channel and start making money“, can’t you?

Being a YouTube partner makes vlogging a lot more easier to make money on YouTube. I know you don’t necessarily need partnership program to make money on YouTube but Partners program is rewarding than the so called Google ads. You have access to multiple income streams and not just ads. You also have access to:

  1. YouTube Premium subscription fees, and
  2. Features that tap your fans’ wallets directly (like Super Chat, channel memberships and the merchandise shelf).

>>>How do you make money on YouTube partner program?

  1. Start a YouTube channel
  2. Try as much as possible to make sure that your channel is successful enough to meet the YouTube partner program requirements.
  3. Set up an AdSense account (if you wish)
  4. Explore other monetization features
  5. Submit for reviews following the partner’s policy and community guidelines.

2# Offer video editing services

Offering video editing is another way you can make lots of money on youtube. You won’t even need a channel to do this and you will still make your money regardless of AdSense.

Christian Stanciu, founder of says that video editing takes a lot of time, and not everybody can do it the right way.

This is very true and you should accept that. But you are good in video editing, aren’t you?

Video editing can be a personal matter for lots of YouTubers or content creators. If you can resonate with your customer’s style, branding or vision so that the finish product will look like that which your customer desire, you will be hold in high esteem.

Your customers include

  1. Small businesses and startups
  2. Broadcasters
  3. YouTubers
  4. Realtors
  5. Average joes and janes
  6. Wedding videographers
  7. Large multinational corporations etc

3# Sell your own products

If you have heard of Ryan’s world franchise, you will want to start marketing your products on YouTube. The company is about $500million plus this year.

Drake sells T-shirts and makes mad money on the same platform.

Matthew Kiichi(Guitarist) says about 20% of his mailbox money (revenue) comes from streaming merchandise. He works passively but money comes in very handy.

Selling merchandise on YouTube is viable and can earn you lots of money.

>>>How do you make money on YouTube selling your merchandise?

  1. Get a good design for your products. Quality Images sell a lot than words
  2. Get the products and have them ready in the store.
  3. Create your online shop and link to your YouTube videos
  4. Enable your YouTube partners to merchandise shelves.
  5. Start promoting your products with a compelling call to action
  6. Make sure you always say thank you at the close of deals

4# Become an affiliate and review products

getting brand sponsorship is somewhat demanding in that you require a large base of subscribers. One of the ways you can indirectly gain sponsorship is by associating with brands and earn commission just by reviewing products.

If you are interested in affiliate, making a niche video could be the best shot. If your video talks about a specific product, trust me brands in that niche will find you.

I know of couple of YouTubers who don’t even buy skin essence because they are being given products to promote.

Also most of my friends are into product reviews videos and as such, they do not bother buying some of these products like games, TVs, laptops, music box, etc. They are even persuaded to make reviews for their product and get paid + take the product they unpacked.


>>> How do you make money on YouTube reviewing products

This aspect should not be overemphasized. Just have from 10,000 views to each of your videos.

  1. Set up your YouTube channel
  2. Upload lots of videos to your channel. Ensure that the channel is niche and you have to consider profitable affiliate niche content
  3. Gather lots of views and convert them to subscribers
  4. Source for brands and let them know about your channel and how engaging it is. Make sure your affiliate program is relevant for your audience because they might leave if it makes no sense to them
  5. Charge them low at first to lure them to your channel review
  6. Disclose your affiliate relationships to your viewers
  7. Speak from personal experience. There’s enough platform you can get good reviews about a product. Create unbiased and authentic reviews based on your experience(other people experience).

important not; never try to please your affiliate by giving your audience a fake review. Be authentic to the core( that’s your reputation)

5# Promote your brand

Promoting your brand on YouTube has never been easily, you could promote your YouTube personal channel via celebrities, inviting a celebrity or person( or persons) of importance for a little chit-chat on your channel could go a long to double or even triple the number of views on your channel.

This in turn increase your earnings on YouTube.

6# Create sponsored content

Although I know the article is very exhausting but if you don’t explore all of it, how will you then spot that which you can do better? Remember it is one of the tips you should consider when starting a business

Even bloggers can testify how much they make from sponsored content channeled to their blog. The last I checked, sponsored posts to range from $70 minimum to as expensive as $10,000. This sometimes doesn’t need a niche audience but general audience.

If you have a large audience, go out they and promote your channel. Lure them to you by giving affordable charges. Sponsored content is amazing, and pays well even without a sense.

>>>How do you make money on YouTube by creating sponsored content?

  1. Find a brand and partner with. It might not necessarily be a “fortune 500” company.
  2. Make a deal with your engaged audience.
  3. Be transparent about your ads

7# Get your fans to pay you directly

This method is more converting than that which meets the eye. If you have never had fans paying you directly as regards how you make your money on YouTube, then you are losing a bigger chunk of the cake.

Create a space that your fans can appreciate you directly with their credit card. Besides that, there are many income streams and they all have one thing in common.

>>>How do you make money on YouTube by fans paying you?

  1. Host live chats where people can use the super chat platform
  2. Encourage your fans to subscribe to your channel
  3. Let them be a member of your channel list

8# Get brands to sponsor you

Another word for influencer marketing in digital marketing is brand sponsorship. If you go niche, you don’t need a million subscribers for getting brand sponsorship because they see your channel as their market and where they can make good money from.

If brands sponsors you, how do you make money on youtube then?

This is one of the most paid forms of advertising and lots of agencies that match brands to influencers either on social media or YouTube platform, takes 10% of the sponsorship fee.

If you are a video creator with an engaging audience, there’s no doubt that brands will not accept your request or come begging for a sponsored post. Why? Your visitors are loyal in that they just come to watch videos and not flipping through.

Industries such as fitness, beauty, health, tech, review, app, parenting, etc are willing to pay heavily just to get their products to your mass audience.

The price for your sponsored content depends on your average engagement channel size, niche videos, and other factors. My friend charges $200 for a YouTube sponsored video and this last for one week. This is because he has a million views


9# Start a paid membership program

Membership programs only works well if the video content has informative and educative content.

>>>how do I make money on youtube via paid membership?

It doesn’t even require bullet points to explain this. When your content is well informative, people will pay you for it just start your channel.

If you need a channel that goes viral in paid membership, I will suggest a technical problem-solving channel. This channel can make you $400 per signup and you will be sitting in money to teach techee!

10# License your videos to media houses

Just an instance..

Suppose you have a video that contains some funny scene.

One of the characters in the scene happens to go viral on media and people are in need of these persons video, what will you do?

If you don’t have enough audience that will convert views to money, you should sell the content to media houses and get licensed.

With this, you make way more than if you had kept it with you.

>>>How do you make money on YouTube Licensing.

  1. Make sure your about page carries your about page
  2. Sign up with a video rights marketplace such as Jukin Media.

11# Leverage on YouTube adsense

I certainly don’t dispute the fact that Google Adsense is the number one publisher’s money-making scheme. It is the first step to making money on both YouTube and blog. As for YouTube, access will only be granted if you join the YouTube partner program. This partnership gives content creator on YouTube access to special tools, such as this Google adsense monetization ability.

This program helps video publishers monetize their videos via display, pre-roll and other forms of ads.

>>>How do you make money on youtube via google ads? Does google make money at all?

Let me shock you with this: Advertisers pay youtube based on clicks and impressions. 55% of This money will now be given to the content creators and youtube takes 45% of the advertiser’s fee. Any adult content is not accepted and so ads won’t be displayed in them.

The following are similar to other but not limited to

  1. Set up your channel
  2. Upload videos
  3. Gain lots of views
  4. Join the youtube partner program
  5. Be consistent

12# Encourage crowdfunding

Nowadays people no longer go to family members to solicit funds and donations why?

Crowdfunding has mediated the funding chain in that kind-hearted individuals from different works of life are online and they will certainly promote what the like.

Take for instance you are trying to build a platform where different vendors can sell their products for free. If you present to them a different business plan that surpasses other models, lots of people will help start the project because they know it will be of great benefit to them.

>>>How do you make money on YouTube through crowdfunding?

  1. Set up a crowdfunding account where all the funds will go to. YouTube has a list of these sites they approve
  2. Use a perfect strategy to Promote your campaign in your videos
  3. You can decide to go beyond the YouTube platform. Any successful campaign is always in the eyes of everyone. This can only happen if you promote on other media

13# Start coaching service

You have to be a successful YouTuber before starting a coaching service. Reasons being that you will always have to prove some points with your channel and portfolios.

There are 8 things you should know before starting youtube and a coaching service on youtube.

  1. What constructed a successful youtube channel?
  2. never forget that building a youtube channel takes time and patience
  3. Evaluate your views and subscribers
  4. You need the right equipment to work and not pro videos
  5. Make up before presentation. Don’t go raw
  6. the length of your video depends on your audience
  7. Make the channel your own

Anyways, if your question is “how do you make money on youtube coaching service”, will make a detailed write-up on how to start up a successful coaching service on youtube. don’t bother if you don’t understand

14# Create educational/informative content

If you have a specialized skill on any brand, leverage on generating revenue through paid consulting service.

if there is anybody that inspires me to start up my business online, then is “believe”. i have learnt a lot over the course of following his educational and informative/motivational threads.

Evan! can you please share to my readers on the comment section below or in your next video; how do you make money on youtube just by dropping motivational contents?

15# Be An Online Consultant On YouTube

most of the popular youtubers are consultants you can ask them the same question how do you make money on youtube as a consultant? am sure they will respond.

16# Be serious with your business

You have to be very serious with your business and your model so you are able to attract large and loyal following.

With this, you can make a substantial income on YouTube despite the challenges. The highest-paid YouTubers make nothing less than $15 million. You can make a nugget for a start, don’t relent effort. Consistency is the key.


If you are a content creator, you can join the youtube partner program by just getting a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time hours. This will give you monetization abilities like crowdfunding, product sales, google adsense

Businesses have certain setbacks and so you have to follow consistently, the list I have given you.

Note that “now big was once small“. A YouTuber who makes $10 million now started from $0.00. There is how you can make quick money The question is, “how long will it sustain your needs daily?

You can check out these step by step guide on Google or other platform for detailed guides

How do you make money on youtube? Please comment below