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Daniel Atamu(Chairman, Open Heart Children’s Home)

Who is Daniel Atamu(Chairman of Open Heart Children’s Home) known to be?

Daniel Atamu, Chairman and Co-founder of Open Heart Children’s Home(OHCH), is a Nigerian businessman, certified welder, mechanical technologist and a body builder.

Open Heart Children’s Home
Daniel Atamu


The veteran was widely considered and known as “Mr. Macho” in the year 2017/2018.

He has amassed a personal interest in self-development by defying prevailing investment trends, engaging in productive manpower and supporting the orphanage.

Daniel Atamu is the chairman and co-founder of the “Open Heart Children’s Home”. Thereafter, Atamu led in the creation of this charitable foundation due to his strong urge of service to the less privileged.

What is Daniel ‘s primary investment vehicle?

In 2013  he took majority control of the welding and fabrication industry., turning it into his primary investment vehicle of which he is highly skilled in.

Moreover, from 2013 through 2016 Daniel Atamu developed his skills in the jofaad Global services where he gained expertise. Atamu has gained about 28 percent of his investment vehicle per year from the welding and fabrication skill he developed long ago.

Open Heart Children’s Home
Daniel in NIMC outfit

Daniel has also made his fortune through body building and swimming coaching Which he see them as a hobby. He was a one time “Mr. Macho” which brought him to the limelight of the Petroleum Training Institute students.

Finally, in his wisdom, has decided to join the NIMC through UGS technologies as an NIN Field agent to foster selfless service to the Nigerians of which he makes lots of money off.

What charities does Daniel donate money to?

Over the years, Daniel Atamu has developed the passion for helping the less privileged.

Right from when he was born in the north and until he relocated to the southern part of Nigeria, the young veteran has been visiting different orphanages/charity organizations and has been supporting them with the little he could.

In the early 2019 when he relocated to Ugheli, he started visiting an orphanage home called OREM and he was a committed donor to the orphanage.

This has been until the early 2021 when he started partnership with the domestic and international allies to start a project.

The project led to the emergence of the orphanage he is running today  called “Open Heart Children’s Home”.

Daniel Atamu, Pastor Andrew Aduku and Mrs Patricia Wiliki all co-founded the “Open Heart Children’s Home”.

Some pictures of the Open Heart Children’s Home

Open Heart Children’s Home however, is a non profit charity organization(orphanage). His goals remain focused in helping the less privileged in his hometown, city of Ugheli in delta state and beyond.

Consecutively, he’s committed to building the dream of helping the less privileged,  empowering the youth and  providing a better environment for both the young elderly

Purposefully, In June 2020 Atamu announced that he would donate more than 60 percent of his wealth to charitable foundations which he co-founded(Open Heart Children’s Home).

Inspired by his natural love and care for children, he volunteered at the Open Heart Children Home and also has in his plan to start an orphanage and he said

Right now we’re working on standardizing the just emerged orphanage called “Open Heart Children’s Home”

Personal Information About Daniel Atamu

Daniel chairman Open Heart Children’s Home
Daniel Atamu chilling

If you must know more about the chairman of Open Heart Children’s Home, below is his profile

Name: Mr Daniel Atamu


Religion: Christian

Primary Education: Nigerian Defense Academy staff school, Kaduna State.

Secondary Education: Assurance High School, Effurun, Delta State

Tertiary Education: Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun, Delta State


  • Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Welding and Fabrication,
  • Higher National Diploma(HND) in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Status: Single

Nationality: Nigerian.

However, he is a young enthusiast who was born with an eye for greatness. A native of Iwherenene community in “ughorbo North” Local Government Area

He was born on August 23, 1996. As as scholar, he bagged a tertiary degree from Petroleum training institute after undergoing his high school education at Assurance High School.


In Conclusion

Daniel atamu chairman open heart children's home
Daniel Atamu(Chairman, Open Heart Children’s Home)

Daniel is a powerful force in his workplace and he uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. He is often encouraged by family and his circle of friends. Fortunately, Daniel always get inspiration from people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos in no particular terms

Leisurely, when he’s not busy with work or reading a book, Daniel loves to hit the gym, go swimming or play table tennis with friends and like minds.