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6 key notes to all New Youtubers


There is no doubt that YouTube remains one of the best, and arguably the easiest way to earn money in this Digital world.

YouTube is more than just uploading videos on the internet. In fact one of the best places to learn everything (practical wise) in the world is YouTube.(    Wikipedia    )

To help you Kickstart your career into YouTube World, our team has been able to pen down 5 key notes you need to study and understand. 


6 key notes to all New Youtubers 

As we have discussed above, YouTube is more than just dumping videos into your channel, if you really want to make an excellent career from it. 

To start out on YouTube as a career encompasses many things and skills to understand before starting out

And below are the key notes to study and understand before embarking on your YouTube career:

  • Be original
  • Identify your chosen niche
  • Your first few videos are your jackpots 
  • Post globally related contents 
  • Post high in demand contents 
  • Be infornative/descriptive enough


Be original 

One of the first things that will make your career easier on YouTube is to avoid copyright infringement. 

If you want to make money from your YouTube channel , as a matter of fact, every career entails earning from it, you need to be as unique as possible.

A YouTube monetization entails more than simply uploading whatever video you find online. Even if you have the necessary subscribers and millions of views, your channel will be refused for monetization. This is the first thing you need to take seriously at the very least to get your channel running smoothly and finally getting monetized.


Identify and understand your chosen niche 

Another great thing that sets you apart is to be a professional at whatever you do. You need to understand better whatever you want to give to people. 

Identify the niche you want to be part of, right from the get go. You should not be moving from technology to comedy to sports etc. This is what makes it easier for search engines to place and rank your channel.

When you know what your channel is all about, it makes it easy to find for the YouTube algorithm. This is what sets your channel aside and will eventually ease your journey in the monetization program and can make you a king in your niche. Stay focused. 


Your first few videos are your jackpots

Your first few Youtube videos are the ones that’ll give you an insight into whether you have started out well. The  most viewed videos in your channel are key to your YouTube career and monetization process.

Ensure you do your first video well, get your viewers glued to your channel. In fact every other video should be fully optimized. There is a reason they say first impression lasts

YouTube wants new Creators who are ready to bring in new vibes, contents and do something new that many people will like.  Think and evolve.

If your motive is to monetize and not just doing it as a hobby, then research more on niches that people are searching for  online. Do not just upload what you like, but what people want, otherwise you will be making videos for yourself, wasting resources on gadgets and time on editing with limited views that will make your monetization journey more frustrating.


Post globally related contents 

The best contents that can make you rank all over the world are contents that get the attention of anyone globally. It allows anyone from anywhere to get to your channel.

If the bulk of your viewers are actually connected to a particular region, you will be doing so much and only to be known by a few selected fraction and also earn less in revenue.

The more you are known all over, the easier it gets to earn high revenues. This is because apart from the YouTube monetization partnership, Affiliates get you the best in terms of high returns as so many businesses will want to partner with you. 


Post high in demand contents 

One of the things that can get you easily searchable on the YouTube Algorithm and search engines is posting and uploading high sought after contents.

What are the things or contents people look for the most, make your research and be descriptive and informative enough that will make you rank easily. 


Be informative/descriptive enough in your contents 

One sure ticket that will always make people come back to your channel is how informed and educated they have been or have been able to solve a particular problem after checking out your channel. 

People will always come back or find you once they realize or know you give detailed instructions or informations in your contents. 

A content that can solve a particular problem with enough informations and explanations will always give you more traffic. 

So, don’t always be in a hurry to drop contents, make sure your contents are well detailed and is able to solve a particular problem. 

Do this steady and watch your channel grow real quick. 


One other interesting thing to note is that your videos must be at least more than 1 minute in length, especially if you plan on applying for YouTube monetization program. Videos with  lesser durations may always find themselves hanging in the YouTube shorts and may not be monetized as regular videos.



YouTube as a profession can be quite fun, but getting the right thing to do with your YouTube channel gives the satisfaction that comes from being a professional at what you do. 

Study and understand the above key notes and watch your channel grow into one of the most sought after channel on YouTube. 


Pamilerin Ajala

Pamilerin Adetunji Ajala is a competent content writer with vast knowledge in content management, web development and graphics design. He studied Computer Engineering at Federal Polytechnic, Ede.