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5 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria


Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing where you refer products and services to to prospective customers. It is one of the most effective ways to make money on the internet.

It ultimately boils down to referring individuals to products or services and earning a commission if they make a purchase.

While there are numerous affiliate programs available on the internet, this article centers on the best affiliate programs in Nigeria. That is, affiliate programs that are available in Nigeria and can be used by any Nigerian to earn money online.


Affiliate marketing allows everyone to earn or generate money through referring people to products. There are several ways through which you can refer your leads to th products and services you want to help other company sell. You can refer your affiliate products to people across several online platforms like social media, blogs, podcasts, etc. 

So, how does affiliate marketing actually work?? 


How does affiliate marketing work? 


As a Digital Marketer , Affiliate marketing is one of your most efficient ways to make money through the net. This is because it works in a simple and direct strategy.


You find a product or service online that catches your interest, and you recommend it to people through your online platforms like your blog or social media through a particular link, called affiliate link.


This gets you a commission when one of your followers clicks on the link and purchase a product or pays for a service.


For example, if a particular product or service goes for ₦5000,and you are to get a commission of 10% amounting to ₦500, if you are table to make 100 sales through your link, that’s ₦50,000. 


There are even some eCommerce platforms that offer higher percentage as high as 50%, this means you can make as high as enough money. 


Best Affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria 


1.  Jumia Affiliate marketing programs 

Jumia remains the largest eCommerce store in Nigeria. Jumia is the preferred shopping destination for many Nigerians and beyond. Reason is that they make buying convenient as they deliver within the shortest period of time, plus payment is made easy as well. 



Jumia Affiliate marketing

How do you start affiliate programs on Jumia? 

  1. Log on to Jumia and register for their affiliate program or Click here
  2. Get your affiliate program verified and you’d be given a special affiliate link
  3. Get products on jumia and write good reviews on it across your social media platforms and blogs 
  4. Provide your affiliate link so people can get the products on Jumia through you and get paid after successful sale.
  5. Withdraw you money into your local bank. 

2. Konga Affiliate Marketing Program


Konga is so much related to Jumia. In fact, they are regarded as their main competitor. The only thing is that Konga appears to offer significantly lower product prices than Jumia.


You may leverage on their massive brand by recommending any product on their site to your followers and earning a commission on it.


Konga Affiliate marketing

They normally have a lot of clearance sales throughout the year. As an affiliate, the Black Friday sales period can be extremely rewarding.

How to start affiliate programs on Konga? 

Follow the same process as for the Jumia provided above or Click here


3. Impact Affiliate 

Impact is a global affiliate network. With impact, you may find various affiliate possibilities from the world’s largest firms on the internet. It works in the same way as Commission Junction and Linkshare.

The difference is that with Impact, you can get paid directly into your Nigerian bank account. Others, on the other hand, must wait months for a cheque. Impact pays you directly into your bank account, no hassles. Big brands to market to your audience include Hostgator, Namecheap, ThemeForest, Adidas, Apple, and many more. 

To start as an affiliate marketer on Impact, Click here to register on the platform.


4. PayPorte Affiliate Program 

PayPorte is yet another e-commerce platform that is widely recognized as Nigeria’s favourite online retail store in terms of product quality.

PayPorte has been far long in the business and has made their mark on the eCommerce platform. They have series of products similar to other eCommerce platforms ranging from electronic gadgets, fabrics, mobile phones, Digital equipment, etc.


PayPorte Affiliate marketing


Their affiliate program is just as interesting as their counterparts listed above and the ways to go about it are penned down below

Here’s how to get started on PayPorte :


  1. Register for free on their website through Here
  2. Automatically earn ₦1,000 upon registration
  3. Log in to your affiliate dashboard to choose which product to market
  4. Get promotional material like referral links, and banners from them
  5. Use links on your website, social media
  6. If any visitor visits their site via your link and buys anything, it’ll be registered as a sale for you
  7. PayPorte will review and approve the sale
  8. You will earn 5-10% commission on every sale you make, accumulated and paid to your bank account
  9.  You are good to go! 


5. Bet9ja Affiliate Program 

Bet9ja is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s largest sports betting platforms.


Aside from sports betting, the site also provides casino and virtual gaming activities, such as the popular Bet9ja League.


Bet9ja’s incentives include a 100% Welcome Bonus of up to ₦100,000 – the greatest of its type in Nigeria – for new customers who join and make their first successful deposit.


Bet9ja Affiliate marketing


Additionally, users will benefit from 170% Multiple Boosts on accumulators, as well as the novel real-time cash-out option. By allowing in-play payouts on pre-game bets, Cash Out gives players even more control over their betting, helping to ensure profits and decrease losses.


Members of the Bet9ja Affiliate Program receive a 50% revenue share in the first month of membership, while subsequent months will amount to 20% commission bonus. 

Before you can start making money with the bet9ja affiliate program, you must first register for it. You will then be given your own unique affiliate link, which you will use to refer people to bet9ja.

Here is the most interesting thing about Bet9ja Affiliate program :

You will receive up to 20% of the amount each of your referrals has lost and won in bet9ja…



Affiliate Marketing Program still remains one of the stress-free ways to make money online, as it involves just referring and introducing people to various products and services. 

The above Affiliate Programs are the most easiest and authentic affiliate platforms presently in Nigeria. 

Register with any of them and start making your money with ease. 


Pamilerin Ajala

Pamilerin Adetunji Ajala is a competent content writer with vast knowledge in content management, web development and graphics design. He studied Computer Engineering at Federal Polytechnic, Ede.