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Business ideas 2024 | top 10 picks for you

Business will continue to be vital in years to come, but knowing the best ones to g for will always be critical factors to take note before embarking on a business career.


Importantly, completing your own business plan is a crucial step in launching any successful firm. Companies that constantly prepare, structure and update their business plans on a regular basis are twice as likely to succeed, according to research.


If you’re considering launching a firm in 2024, you’ll need to consider the new normal. The COVID-19 epidemic has altered people’s attitudes toward products and services. While launching a wholesale/retail store or a restaurant may have seemed like a smart idea in the past, you may want to reconsider your plans until you see how the coming year unfolds. Consider firms that can support how people live their lives now rather than more traditional businesses. Whatever you do, you’ll need a solid business plan. 


So in this article, we shall be looking at 10 great businesses that one can venture into, that can yield so much positive returns. 

If you’re ready to run your own business, then you are in the right place to get great business ideas. 


Ghostwriting simply means writing for other people under their name or brand,completely relinquishing your right to the people you are writing for. Simply put, the credit, right and ownership of your work(articles, posts, books, songwriting) goes to the people you write for. 

Today, brands, business groups, entrepreneurs, musicians, artistes require the services of a ghostwriter over an agreed fee. A lot of Ghostwriting opportunities abound the internet check here

How much does a ghostwriter earn per article? 

Well, fees for Ghostwriting services are not fixed, depending on the type of services you are rendering, you could be writing songs for musicians, playwright for actors, writing official articles and blogs for businesses. So for a start, ghostwriters charge nothing less than $500 per writing. (That’s about roughly $60,000 per year) 

Buying and reselling business 

One of the core factors or components of business is still about buying and selling. And today, it’s still one of the major skills of business. You can start your buying and reselling business in small or large scales depending on your budget. But in this article we’d be giving you examples of buying and reselling businesses you can venture into 

  • Buying and reselling of data and airtime
  • Mini importation (of used and new goods E. G Cloths, phones, computers ).
  • Farm produce 
  • Landed properties 



Consultancy is a form of business where you give advice, tips, ideas and structure to a group of individuals or firms who hire your service. If you are well versed in your area of specialization, firms can enquire so many things from you before they set out on their production journey. 

Starting out a Consultancy service or business can be a very tricky one especially if you are just starting out. You must carefully choose the niche you are good at, and start writing about a particular structure or audience in the niche you have chosen to gain visibility. Consultancy service gives you so much time to yourself to even keep improving in your services as(mostly in some cases) you are the one to determine when and where you’d be available. 

Dropshipping Business 

Dropshipping  is another great business you can start with as there is a low loss margin in this type of business. It is a business model where you order goods (based on the research and demand from your customers) and deliver to them without stress and hassles. This is a type of business where no physical shop is needed as you order directly from the producers or suppliers straight to your customers. Many business gurus you have today are in this Dropshipping business and are just still doing fine in the business. 


The term blogging means designing and creating a webpage (website in most cases) where people can reach your business, brands or services. Are you an engineer, a health practitioner, a journalist, etc? The fastest means people can get through to you, your ideas and services is through your blog. There are several ways to earn money from your blog by offering Consultancy services, Information , Tutoring or by applying for ad services like Google Ads, Adstera Ads, etc


When people hear about Agriculture as a business, they think it’s about tending to crops and animals alone. No, Agriculture as a whole has gone beyond plating of crops, thanks to technology. There are various forms of Agricultural business and each on its own is a very lucrative business.

Types of Agricultural Business 

  • Crops Plantations
  • Livestock 
  • Agricultural Engineering 
  • Agricultural Marketing 

Let’s take a look at each of them. 

Crops Plantation (Crops Production) 

This is where traditional Agriculture comes into play. This is when you are into planting or crops like maize, rice, cocoa,and all sorts of farm produce. 

Many people are now going back to the first business man ever practiced which is Agriculture. With technology, crops plantation has been made easier by using engineering equipment to do most of the Labour work like planting, watering, irrigation system, fertilizers, etc. 

Livestock Production 

This is still the hottest cake in Agricultural Business. Pigs, Cattle, Poultry are all fetching people a lot of money if you practice this very well and good at it. 

Agricultural Engineering 

This Agricultural Business Model Deals with the Agricultural equipment like ploughs, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. You can buy these equipment and start selling/renting to the farmers all over and start making your cool cash, especially the fertilizers are in high demand, get your research and be a  dealer in all kinds of fertilizers / pesticides in no time. 

Agricultural Marketing 

This Agricultural Business Model refers to the selling of farm produce. This functions the most when you buy directly from the farmers and you sell at wholesale /retailers price to the final consumer customers. 

Start a YouTube channel 

Similar to Blogging explained above, this is another means through which you can practice your expertise and make your services known to the public. Are you a brand, business model, or a freelancer, start up a YouTube channel and start offering your services and get paid for it. 

Another alternative to earn money through your YouTube channel is to apply for Adsense services (just like in blogging). Ads companies pay you for advertising their products in your channels and still get paid by your direct clients you offer your services to. 

Affiliate Marketing Business 

One of the easiest ways to earn money is starting an affiliate program. Many brands and e-commerce blogs are all offering this service to the public. 

How does Affiliate marketing work? 

Affiliate Marketing works by promoting top brands visibility through specific and unique affiliate link, or sell goods and services of top companies and businesses through your unique link and get paid with each sale they  make through your link.

Examples of top companies offering affiliate programs are Jumia, Amazon, Jvzoo, etc.

Course Instructor / online teaching 

Course Instructor Business
Course instructor Business : copyright

Starting an online teaching or course instructor program is an ideal and top business model today. Many app developers, copywriters, and in general freelancers, all bought and went through teaching online at one point in time in their career, and are just doing excellently well in their chosen careers, thanks to this teaching model. 

Are you an expert in any chosen career? you can start up an online teaching or course instructor program and start getting paid by your prospective students. Most even make materials (pdg, ebook, videos) available for purchase so their students can easily check up and practice what they learn at any given time. 

Fast foods 


Lifestyle may change or stop, the world at large may change, but what will never cease to happen is people eating. 

Today, fast food has taken the order of the day. Many people, especially the businessmen and 9-5 employees tend to leverage on fast foods throughout the day before finally retiring home late in the evening. Even at that, they tend to order fast foods as they may be too tired to cook due to the day’s stress. So you see why Fast food is actually gaining momentum day by day. 

Examples of fast foods in high demands that you can venture into 

  • Pizza 🍕 
  • Shawarma 
  • Pies
  • Harmburger 
  • Sausages
  • Popcorns (if you are close to a cinema) 

So, learn how to make any of these fast foods and start making your money with ease. 


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