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10 Best Ways You Can Make Money From WhatsApp

You can make money from WhatsApp very easily without having any Naira on you. Thanks to the 21st century where things are virtually very easy and convertible.

More than 2 Billion users use WhatsApp as of March 13th, 2020. It has now become one of the top social media platforms in the world to make money from. The number now will blow your mind

Though it’s not popular in Asia; nonetheless, it is well recognized, WhatsApp is very popular globally and you know what that means right?, You can make lots of money from this platform

To make money nowadays shouldn’t be a hard juice to digest. Before you come here, you might have been thinking of ways and how to make money online? if so, you are on the right track. If you are not a tech savvy type, am sorry but you might not like the juice over here. Let’s dive in ASAP?

Can i actually make money from whatsapp?

don’t be afraid! it is very easy to make lots of money from this amazing platform. From status, group, business whatsapp, friends chat and lots more. You can leverage on several ways on whatsapp and still make a whole lot of fortune

What are required to Make Money From Whatsapp

Your time and commitment! Facebook, twitter, instagram will require you to pay for a premium before you can even make your business visible. But i tell you that whatsapp is far more better in that it requires nothing from you to start as regards monetary incentives. all you need is your leisure time, mobile phone, commitment to harness your leisure judiciously and reap good rewards.

The same time you give to chats, when given to your whatsapp business a half of it, you will come back to comment on this post. get to work!

What You Need To Start Making Money From Whatsapp

It is no doubt that you have to commit time and effort to your business. As for the case of whatsapp, you do not only need commitment, you need to have the following :

  • A mobile Phone
  • Data and good network connection
  • Lots of contacts in your whatsapp list
  • Belong to a huge number of whatsapp groups with lots of members
  • A blog(if possible)

1. Market peoples products

This is one of the simplest way to make money from whatsapp. yes! Have you heard of whatsapp TV? perhaps no. You have to advertiser other peoples product on your whatsapp space regularly.

For this to work perfectly, you must gather enough whatsapp contacts. these contacts are your viewers and the more viewers, the more sales you make.

How do i get contacts?

This is a chicken and egg problem you need to solve. one of the ways you can get contacts, i mean lots of contacts is your family and friends. Tell them to give you their contact list. when they do, add the contacts to your contact list.

Another way to solve this problem is to advertise your whatsapp business. This is done by creating a sponsored post(your business whatsapp link) for your contacts and promise to award them for any referral.

How do i advertise peoples businesses?

Your status is where you will advertise these products and get lots of conversions. share people’s products on your business Whatsapp status. The more contacts you have, the more views you will get.

how do i make money from WhatsApp marketing?

You will charge whosoever needs your service a fee. This is up to you to decide how much you will get and for how long.
Trust me if your contact list is much like 500 whatsapp contacts minimum, You will have patronage from small and medium businesses

2. Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is another sure way of making money online. This does not only convert on WhatsApp but it does in every aspect of online business.

What you should know first is the affiliate niche that will pay well. if you go to less attractive niche, you might not convert well.

How can i become an affiliate?

In case you don’t know, Different online businesses offer affiliate programs in one way or the other.
I will list different online platform below that has affiliate programs. Check them out especially the first one.
1. Bluehost
2. Amazon
3. Jumia
And lots more!You don’t need to pay them to become an affiliate, all you need is a space to promote your affiliate link and make your money.

3. Drive WhatsApp visitors to your blog

Owning a blog is very rewarding as blogging pays more than crypto currency. If you don’t have a blog, don’t worry i will tell you what to do.

Lot of bloggers make money from whatsapp just by referring their status viewers to their blog. This really converts well if you know what you are doing.

In the event that you don’t have WhatsApp Share Button on your blog, you are absolutely leaving out a significant wellspring of free traffic. When you read through this post, you will scramble for it.

WhatsApp is a well known versatile messaging application, adored and utilized by numerous individuals across age bunches allover the globe. Its simplicity to communicate text, video, pictures and video (While looking after quality) has settled on it the best option for some clients.

As bloggers, making it simple for your versatile per-users to rapidly message your article to somebody or in a whatsApp bunch is a central issue in your battle for traffic and openness.

Is it significant?

Cell phones lately have become a tremendous wellspring of web traffic. That is the reason Google underlines site responsiveness as a positioning element.

Taking a gander at my Google Analytics details, I have a long list of motivations to focus on WhatsApp share button

How do i move traffic from WhatsApp to blog?

This thread is very simple and requires just your leisure. whenever you have a new post or article, upload it on your Whatsapp status immediately after publishing it on your blog.
This will certainly convert in the long run.
Also adding a whatsapp share button to your blog will help you.

I don’t have a blog, what should i do?

Owning a blog is very easy. You can check back on “the cheapest way to start a blog and make money”. Bluehost is still very cheap now and it is one of the platform i will advice anyone to host a blog with.
below is an image of bluehost, Register with them now for domain name. When you are done with the domain, just notify me via our email

4. Share files link

Different sites pay you per download. Images, music, videos, etc | a link download link is given to you. Share these links on your status and make money from whatsapp platform from your friends who download from these platforms.

it is more or less an affiliate marketing but in a whole new version

Where can i get paid to download?

There are lots of platform that offers this service. i will list the ones am very sure you will be paid.
You can make up to $22 from these platform in one download. You can Follow the link

5. Refer a friend to apps on playstore

I notice apps like this when i was looking for where to get free crypto currency. All you have to do is to download the app, register and get the referral link.

share this link on your status and to your contacts individually. This will convert well for you.

How much do they pay?

This pattern of making money is not a stable approach in that they come and go at any time. Payments vary as well but the good part is that you are not paying for anything. You can check google for different apps that pay referrals.

1. You earn $5 when a friend uses your referral code to send $5 or more from a newly created Cash App account. To receive the bonus, make sure your friend links a debit card and sends a payment within 14 days. you will make money from whatsapp by sharing them on statuses
If you want me to list them, You can comment below or mail them to

6. Promote your own business

If you have a business e.g a blog, the same way you promote other people’s businesses to generate sales, do to your products even more. You can use your youtube channel(if you have) to promote your whatsapp business. Reasons being that youtube has a lot of traffic and people who make money on youtube can testify to that.

Statistics carries that people spent much time online than television. Our youth prefers social media news than radio, television. Even newspaper is now an old fashion of advertisement.

It is very easy to offer your services directly using the app’s file sharing features to send out promotional graphics, videos and other promotional media.

7. Share website links

Short links are shortened URL leading to a page.

They’re websites that shorten URLs. Have you seen this before? It is a short form of a website link you are given to share.

How do i make money from shortened link?

Copy the correct URL, place it on the URL shortener and you are good to go.
Go ahead and paste this link on your WhatsApp status or send to friends that enjoy reading your articles.
Ads will always display before the page can be viewed. This is how you make money from whatsapp using shortened link. Very simple i guess!

Which one can you recommend?

I am still on some of this links to see how well they will convert. I do not want to give you a link that is not good.
though some of them have shown potentials, but i still need to verify. Stay tune and i will feed you with the latest soon.

8. YSense Affiliate

Clicksense and ysense are the same thing and still the same company. Don’t get confused ok?

It is a PTC website. People make lot of money from this on whatsapp, my sister does that a lot.

ySense is the new home for Clixsense individuals. It has the entirety of similar highlights you’ve developed to cherish in addition to new earning openings and prize choices. Here is the thing that you need to think about

New earning openings

they are presently adding reviews from new suppliers like ProdegeMR, offers to bring in cash from top brands like Uber and Tidal and they will begin adding better approaches to earn over the long haul

New Reward alternatives

Pay Pal

Gift vouchers from top worldwide brands like Amazon and that’s just the beginning

Paid ahead of time MasterCard/VISA (in select nations)

Affiliate program

Most extravagant affiliate program in the business

With more approaches to earn being presented over the long run, your affiliate charges will keep developing

Extra freedoms

Week by week Task challenge stopped for this present week however will begin again one week from now

Earn Daily Checklist Bonus

What is PTC

IT is an acronym for pay to click. You are being paid after clicking on a link, ads, image etc.

How do i make money from YSense?

1. share our Ysense referral code to your whatsapp status or contacts
2. carry out surveys on the platform and earn.

How do i then make money from whatsapp?

The same way you carryout a survey on the platform, sharing your referral link to your whatsapp status will give your friends an opportunity to also make money from ysense while you will be given an extra commission for referring a friend.

Remember your whatsapp has lots of contacts! imagine 500 friends from your whatsapp list, follows your link to make money from ysense, and each referral is $1. Certainly, you might have made $500 without stress. Yea!
That is how you can make money from whatsapp using clicksense.

You are only rewarded for your labour and not by chance. so get to work!

9. Start a WhatsApp Store

Starting a WhatsApp store does not still need money. Unlike creating an e-commerce website which would require $100 and above.

You can start a Whatsapp store very simple following the questionnaire below

How do i start a Whatsapp store?

1. download another kind of whatsapp called “Whatsapp Business”. You can search on play store and download.
2. Open an account with them(note: a new account with a different sim)
3. Use the name of your Online store you prefer for registration and clearly state which category your whatsapp store deals on.
4. Set up your store to look attractive. This is done by uploading different products in your category to the store.
5. Set up a communication system. This will always keep your customer happy when they can communicate with you and not bots
6. You are all set. Now, you have to be sharing your store link to your friends on the other chat whatsapp.
Note: The new whatsapp business is strictly for business and not for pleasure chats so make it formal.

Do i need a blog to start a whatsapp store?

No! But if you have a blog, it is to your own advantage as this will generate money on both ends.
For example: if your blog is a fashion blog and you have set up a fashion store on whatsapp, imagine how beneficial this could be.

10. Sell your Whatsapp group

I decided to let you know about this at the very end. On like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can sell pages, handle, and so on.

If you have a group you have grown, lots of businesses are looking for already made platform the can own and showcase their businesses. They have now venture into buying whatsapp group.

Sell whatsapp group? won’t that go with my SIM?

No not at all.
If you sell your group, you will have to sit with the person and make some changes on phone number and name to the recipient own before finally giving out the password.

If you will like to sell your whatsapp group(why would you?), You can comment down for a step by step guide. The charges you is up to you and on your own discretion.


From what we have listed so far, if you noticed it is all about referral, affiliate throughout that actually make money from whatsapp to you and not your money

Some might have been thinking that to make money from whatsapp means whatsapp will pay you for using their platform. This is not the case but indirectly, they are.

You have to be consistent in your approach if this guide is not converting very well. There are so many ways you can make money online apart from WhatsApp. If you think this thread is not complete, do well to comment below and we promise to update it if need be.

You can still make money, i mean make quick money from Reviewreen by writing for us. comment if you are interested!

how do you make money from whatsapp? Please comment below and it will help other readers.

stay tuned as we will post on how you can make money from other social media